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Biking with my offspring



Something pretty neat about being able to take the little guy out for a bike ride on some of my favorite single track.


Day 1 – Training for a marathon on continent #3 (Europe)



Today starts the official marathon training plan for continent #3 (Europe) http://www.kieldermarathon.com/kielder-marathon.


I felt this would be a very relevant quote. Yup - running a marathon in Europe is a silly thing to do, but it's my silly thing to do. Looking back through many of the blog postings I've done over the years make me thankful for a lot of things; the goofiness of my kids, family trips, good times with friends, random things found in grocery stores, etc...

Yeah - mentioning the past and talking about the future may be ironic given the quote, but...

Remembering yesterday doesn't always mean you're dwelling on the past and planning for the future isn't taking away from the present. IF done correctly both the past and the future help make the present all that more pleasant.

Tonight while finishing my first training run of many to come, I remembered the old Indian guy I ran miles 23-26 in South Africa with last year. He laughed the whole way, cracking silly jokes, and encouraging us on to the next street corner. I remembered zip-lining through the jungle, going on a safari in the middle of nowhere, and swimming on top of a waterfall that would make make my mom cringe.

All of these things helped get me out the door, once out the door, the comforting crunch of the gravel on the trail brought me back to the present. crunch, crunch, crunch, ...



The Bean!


Family and I took a trip to Chicago this last week. Awesome city. We caught the science and industry museum, lego store, a concert in millennium park, and lots of other fun stuff. Here's to great summer fun. I sure do miss this city.

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Day 131 – Solo sunny ride


Took a solo sunny but chilly ride through the reforestation camp single track this afternoon. Put some headphones in and some mellow instrumental music and zoned for an hour on single track.

This is why I like spring.


Day 130 – Little guy time


The little guy and I spent some xbox time in the man cave today. Certainly good times.


Day 129 – Reforestation camp mountain biking


Roughly 10 minutes from our house is some of the best local single track in the area. A friend from work took me out for my initial ride of the season. Kept me at an average 165 heart rate while he was on a single speed. Needless to say I was chugging wind pretty hard at the end.


Day 128 – Quiet morning coffee


It used to be that 5:30 was always quiet I in the house. However now that the days get brighter earlier, the kiddos tend to get up with the sunshine. Coffee on a cloudy morning is great once in awhile. :-)


Day 127 – Cake


The little guy made me a cake tonight. Ingredients consisted of dirt, remnants of the fire pit, and water.

A little frosting would have helped. ;-)


Day 126 – The best salsa ever


I'm pretty sure I've posted a pic of this stuff before, but I don't even want to admit how many jars a week we go through.

Goes with everything, especially scrambled eggs.


Day 125 – Effects of spring


Apparently the dog is out of shape. Obviously her "winter" off season training hasn't been extensive enough to keep up with the kiddos all day outside.