Another reason why DRM is going to bite big media in the behind. So I wanted to watch a particular documentary, couldn’t find the DVD anywhere in town, couldn’t find it on hulu, and finally found it on Netflix. I signed up for Netflix, went to watch the documentary, and fail…

After talking with Netflix tech support (actually helpful), they sent me the following resolution email. Hopefully this helps make someone else’s life a bit less painful… DRM for the fail.

You have encountered a Microsoft Silverlight issue that may be best resolved by uninstalling Silverlight 4 and installing Silverlight 3.

To uninstall Silverlight 4 please follow these steps:
1. Close out of any internet browser windows
2. Click “Start”
3. Choose “Control Panel”
4. Choose “Add or Remove Programs” in Windows XP or “Programs \& Features”
in Windows 7/Vista
5. Locate and click on “Microsoft Silverlight”
6. Choose “Remove”

After removing Silverlight 4, please download and install Silverlight version 3 from:

You may receive a prompt to update again to Silverlight 4, please deny the update and follow these steps to prevent an upgrade in the future:
1. Right-click anywhere on the playing movie
2. Left-click on Silverlight
3. Click the Updates tab
4. Click “Never check for updates”
5. Press OK

If you encounter any trouble with the instructions above, please contact Microsoft at:


Netflix Customer Support